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The UN for All project on dignity and inclusion in the UN system workplace, is a global awareness-raising effort that offers half-day workshops to UN system personnel around the world on topics that include unconscious bias, inclusive language, and the human rights of LGBTI persons, those with a disability and people who use substances. For more, click here.

UN Cares in Action : Latest News

As UN Cares comes to an end, a group of about 30 NY-based colleagues gathered on 14 August to reflect on what the programme - through its 1,000+ UN Cares team members around the world - had achieved. As Global Coordinator since 2006, Laurie Newell shared her thoughts, which are here.

Since 2016, UN Cares has been under review. Established in 2007, based on the 1991 UN system personnel policy on HIV in the workplace, UN Cares can be thought of as an occupational safety and health initiative that pre-dated the organization having a larger occupational safety and health (OSH) framework. Such a framework has since been approved by the High-Level Committee on Management, in April 2015.

The United Nations Laboratory for Organizational Change and Knowledge (UNLOCK), a collaboration of the United Nations System Staff College and UNDP, has published a case study on “Delivering Successful Change on Diversity and Inclusion in the United Nations.” The case study features five initiatives from across the UN system, in particular from UNAIDS, UNDP, UNDSS, UNHCR - and our own UN for All project of UN Cares.

The city of Bonn houses a UN Campus that hosts eighteen UN entities, including the Secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the headquarters of UN Volunteers (UNV). Starting on 29 May 2017, a week-long training of facilitators took place in the UN Campus, led by Xavier Orellana and Tudor Kovacs.

Following with the mission to disseminate and bring the UN for All modules to every region of the world, a training of facilitators event took place in Port of Spain from 25 to 28 April 2017. Eleven participants representing UNDP, UNDSS, FAO, ECLAC, UNHCR, UNIC, ILO, IOM and the RCO attended the four day training and practiced delivering the core module and the LGBTI module. The group also included one person from Guyana and two from Jamaica.

On the week of 3 April 2017 a Training of Trainers event took place at the Palais de Nations in Geneva. Seventeen participants coming from UNOG, ITC, ILO, OHCHR, UNAIDS, UNECE and one participant from UNMIL are now ready to deliver the Core and LGBTI module. On the last day of the training participants got to deliver parts of the modules in front of staff members who had signed up to attend UN for All training and the new facilitators received great reviews.

A mission was undertaken to roll out UN for All workshops for UN personnel in Port Moresby and Buka in Papua New Guinea. Four UN for All Core Module workshops were carried out on 28 May – 2 June 2017. Altogether, one hundred and forty-six UN personnel representing eight resident UN agencies (UNRCO, WHO, UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, OHCHR, UN Women, UNDSS and UNAIDS) took part. Lazeena Muna-McQuay facilitated all four workshops with some support of the UN Cares focal points John Keating and Liz Gandee. UN RC in PNG was present at the third workshop to open the sessions and exchange views.

After careful deliberation and study of all entries received for this year’s award process we are proud to announce the winning UN Cares teams in three categories: Reaching children and adolescents, Implementing UN for ALL, and a Lifetime Achievement award.
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UN for All

The UN Cares team has finally finished circling the globe preparing UN staff members on how to deliver the new UN for All modules. After the launch which took place in Geneva in June 2015, the UN Cares core team led 8 regional workshops to train facilitators reaching 262 participants from 107 countries. These facilitators are now delivering the Core module and the LGBT module to UN employees in their respective countries.

The first regional workshop took place in Thailand in December 2015 for the Asia-Pacific region and the last region to host the workshop was East and Southern Africa, with an event that took place in Johannesburg in July 2016.

As in previous years UN Cares would like to recognize the outstanding work of its dedicated teams worldwide. In 2016 we are opening the process for three categories which includes a lifetime achievement category intended to recognise excellent UN Cares implementation over time.
IMPORTANT: Please note the deadline has been extended until 15 September 2016.
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